NextAlert acclaimed by Deutsche Bahn users

We are pleased to share the growing figures of use and satisfaction of our NextAlert application, which has been in place for 2 years with users of regional trains of Deutsche Bahn in Munich.

. 81% of satisfied users in January 2023 (vs 70% in September 2021)
. 51% of alerts came from travelers in December 2022 (vs 27% in September 2021)

NextAlert is increasingly used. These growing figures are also explained by the increase in public transport users as a result of the incentive policy for the use of public transport in Germany due to the energy crisis.

NextAlert thus allows better real-time information for travelers, with traffic messages filtered by NextAlert and shared by travelers and the network in real time. This service allows everyone to better organize themselves for their journey (anticipation, change of route, etc…).

These positive results give ideas to other German cities that have contacted us, to follow…