Nextérité and its partners mobilize for health safety

In high traffic areas, the distribution of crowds must be controlled in order to respect minimum safety distances.

In partnership with Fraunhofer-IML, Messe Frankfurt, Briefcam and Benz + Walter, we are planning to facilitate the regulation and management of pedestrians to reduce the risk of COVID-19 contamination. Thanks to anonymous analyses based on camera data, it will be possible to identify and predict the occupation of pedestrian areas and to alert the public by different means (dynamic traffic signs, smartphones, …).

Within this project, Nextérité is in charge of developing the appropriate algorithms for the analysis of IC&MS connected video data. Using the results of the data analysis, visitors receive real-time information on recommended routes and also on the future degree of use of the routes and events. This information enables them to plan their visits and itineraries accurately and avoid risk areas due to higher visitor density.