Regulated collaborative information

NextAlert, a real-time semantic engine, locates and qualifies messages posted on social networks and other sources. Its feed keeps truly practical information about transport conditions. Information concerning disruptions or their evolution is only repeated if new information is added, or if the disruption is ongoing.

Tests carried out with operators showed that NextAlert detected 40% to 100% more information than the operators did, with the information shared on average 20 minutes earlier.

Traffic from NextAlert can be adapted according to the region, network and language used. It is accessible through different channels including APIs and can also integrate and analyze third-party data (maps, IoT, …).

NextAlert can be easily integrated into information or route planner applications. It is currently implemented in the SNCF application for Ile-de-France and 10 French metropolitan areas, and also in Deutsche Bahn apps. It is also integrated in the ViaFacil mobility solution.

The above map shows disruptions influencing public transport in Ile-de-France during a month, with the degree of importance, based on the real time analysis of Tweets on the Twittersphere about public transport in the Paris region.

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