An attractive heart of town

Thanks to Nexterite's Mobility information sharing solutions

Real-time information


  • Mobility to your fingertips with ViaFacil :
    • Real-time route planning with different means of transportation
    • Information on parking availability and occurring events
    • For all citizens: teenagers, adults, seniors, disabled


  • Mobility and environmental information sharing and regulation for managers, thanks to ViaPro :
    • An easy to use application for territorial managers in charge of roads, transport, waste, events…
    • Shared and secured information management of works, floods, accidents…
    • Regulation of the information dissemination on ViaFacil

An accessible and useful solution for all


One goal: complete and accessible information, especially in times of crisis, to the greatest number, thanks to a low-cost solution.

  • Our solutions analyze in real time thanks to the NextAlert engine information from many sources: Open Data, crowdsourcing (social networks and sensor networks) or data from third parties who have agreed to open them to communities.

  • The resulting information flow is available to communities, who can choose to open this data if they wish.

  • The price is reduced and includes an initial setup cost and a monthly subscription to the applications, depending on the size of the territory and the population.

An agile solution adapted to your needs

Our solutions can be easily adapted to each territory and its specificities. Implementation is timely and transparent, in cooperation with public authorities and citizens, for each of the following steps:

  • Listen to the needs of citizens and managers to adapt the solution to your territory
  • Choice of features to implement
  • Collection of available data
  • Tests and validation
  • Production and communication

Our attentive and collegial practice makes it easier to take charge and adopt solutions.

Facilitate mobility to revitalize city centre


    • Complete and clear guidance, motivating the population to come to the very heart of the city (parking information, multi-modal routes, prices, …)


    • Free listing of local businesses on Viafacil


    • Ability for merchants to communicate about their events and update their information


    • Innovative cashback solution to boost loyalty
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