Nextérité & our 2 app ViaFacil & ViaPro presented on the French journal République du Centre

« La République du Centre », popular daily newspaper of the Centre-Val de Loire region, published a long article announcing ViaFacil release, « a new app which makes easier in real time your travel in the Loiret », by the end of 2019.

During the meeting with the Department of Loiret and Orléans Métropole, on Tuesday, March 19th, it is with Mr. Christian Braux, vice-president of Orléans Métropole and departmental councillor, and teams in charge of the Be-Good project (Building an Ecosystem to Generate Opportunities in Open Data) that Nextérité presented to the press its 2 applications, ViaFacil and ViaPro.

These apps were the results of the 2016 floods which revealed major communication problems, according to Christian Braux : “Many roads were cut and many inhabitants did not know where to go, and we didn’t know how to prevent them.”.

Therefore, ViaFacil (for the general public) and ViaPro (for the managers) applications will enable each people circulating in the Loiret Department to exchange, disseminate and consult the traffic status but also to calculate their route by car or by more environmentally friendly modes thanks to the integration of a CO2 impact calculator.

Both apps are Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which let the user have the experience of a normal application but without any associated constraints (download, memory occupation, …).

“In summary, this is a very useful app”.

Feel free to visit the online article to know more !

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