Nextérité highlighted by L’Usine Nouvelle magazine

In its article of 19/10/2017 entitled “100 Digital Gem, with Station F as banner” (in french), L’Usine Nouvelle cites 7 promising startups of digital technology in Paris Region – and Nextérité in the first place:

“The Parisian start-up Nextérité specializes in text search and semantic analysis. It developed NextPatent, a patent analysis solution. “NextPatent analyzes thousands of patents at the same time to identify those with the closest themes and, based on this, establish proximity scores. It also works for analyzing a patent portfolio,”says Edith Nuss, the company’s president. Nextérité has also developed NextAlert, which analyzes tweets to sort out information on disruptions in public transport and thus provide a news feed on the state of the networks. The company, employing half a dozen employees, is aiming for 100,000 euros in sales by 2017.”