Social networks and artificial intelligence for urban mobility

Following its presentation in Future @ SystemX 2017, during which Nextérité’s NextAlert service was also noticed by Louis Schweitzer, Commissioner-General for Investment and former president of Renault, NextAlert was the subject of an article in IT Industry and Technologies. Here is an excerpt from this article:

In real time news feed NextAlert informs travellers about the status of the transportation network in the Paris region. To feed it, Nextérité retrieves information provided by users. A source of public information, tweets mentioning transport are analysed, geolocalised and filtered by an algorithm. « A distinction is made between known and trusted sources whose information can be distributed directly, and unknown ones that need to be analysed and which are then assigned a confidence ratio», says Edith Nuss, President of Nextérité . Information not often repeated, complaints without added value … On average, 999 messages out of a thousand are left out, and only the thousandth is passed on. But it’s worth it. By comparing the flow of information provided by the RATP for the month of December 2016, the start up realised that it had «40% more information than the RATP had by internal means». It remains to be seen how the use of this data can be effectively integrated into the MSM project. The idea is to provide more precise and complementary information. “«For example, when a power supply problem occurs, people want to know when traffic will resume. Alternative routes proposed by passengers using Twitter are also being studied. »