To a new mobility era at Reunion Island

« To usher in Reunion Island to a new era of mobility »

Our applications, ViaPro and ViaFacil, have been in production at Reunion Island since October of last year. The objective is to manage real-time traffic information in order to enhance residents’ satisfaction and facilitate their transition away from the outdated by suggesting alternative trips on buses and bicycles.

Nextérité has provided the island’s residents with the ViaFacil app, which integrates territorial information in real-time, with most of the information being managed by ViaPro. ViaFacil features a multimodal travel engine designed to promote modal shift towards public transport. 

On their end, the Reunionese Control Traffic Center (CRGT, for its acronym in French) oversees the collaborative information and mobility portal ViaPro. The portal presents, in real-time, all information related to traffic and public transportation, including incidents, velocity by route section, cameras, stops and weather updates. Additionally, it provides weather and environment alerts such as volcano alerts, wave-submersion alert, fire risk.

For a demonstration of the tool, please refer to the video linked to this article.

Nextérité guides territories towards multimodal mobility !