Our application ViaPro tested with construction companies in Orléans Métropole

One of the challenges of large cities is to facilitate the mobility of their citizens, and streamline traffic as much as possible.

This requires real-time roadworks information!Our Via Pro application allows construction companies to easily report the start and end of work.
The Metropolis can then inform its users in real time of the work in progress on the traffic lanes.

We are proud that Orléans Métropole chose us to do a test with the Eurovia and Colas companies.
The employees of Eurovia and Colas in charge of the construction site will be able to signal in real time the start and the end of the work.

Thank you to Orléans Métropole for its trust and we look forward to sharing the feedback with you during a Roadshow of 4 webinars scheduled from March 7 to 28 with département du Loiret. Upcoming dates and themes on our social networks.

Photo credits Orléans Métropole