Nextérité in the final stage in Dubai

The Nextérité team wishes you all a Happy New Year 2021! Some of us will be taking off on January 16th to sunbathe on the beaches of Dubai, but also to conclude the last stage of the project commissioned by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Indeed, Nextérité is one of the 3 companies selected among more than 80 competing companies to participate in the second phase of the project with RTA, with the support of Dubai Future Accelerators. To answer RTA’s transport planning needs, we proposed our NextVoice semantic engine, which allows to detect important themes by mode of transport and related satisfaction level. NextVoice is adapted to the Dubai territory and will be available in a multilingual mode.

We are looking forward to going to Dubai and meeting the RTA team there!
Congratulations to the Dubai company Arcab and the Canadian company The Black Arcs which have also been selected.