Civil security, emergency management: common territorial issues!

Impacts of climate change on our daily lives are increasing. After the deadly floods in Germany in 2021, we experienced in 2022 a scorching summer in many European countries, whose numerous fires had terrible consequences, particularly in France.

Beyond the seriousness of the situation (we will let the experts discuss it and ourselves act as best we can at our level), territories confronted with this situation must react very quickly to ensure security of people and goods.

Sharing information during a crisis is key to fostering a coordinated and effective response. Related emergency management needs are multiple:

– share information in real time between multiple players in the field (emergency services, road managers, authorities, etc.) and the coordination unit

– display for each professional the resource data he needs on intuitive cartographic interfaces: fire hydrants, rescue centres, exclusion zones, risk zones, etc.

– allow authorized persons to enter information on the evolution of an event, even with limited telecom or internet connection

– centralize and ensure reliability of information sent to the general public in real time

– facilitate movements of authorities and channel the population

– detect events and alert managers in a targeted manner

– monitor the use of key resources (vehicles, protective equipment, oxygen resources, etc.)

Exceptional climatic events continue to affect our territories in one form or another, it is essential for managers and rescuers to be able to coordinate actions on the ground and to inform the general public with the greatest reactivity.

Nextérité’s applications, intuitive and secure, allow information and data to be shared in real time, thus facilitating rapid interventions and ensuring the safety of populations.

Their simple interface allows a quick start even for untrained people.

Nextérité remains mobilized with the territories to support them in the management of the crisis they are going through.