To a new mobility era at Reunion Island

« To usher in Reunion Island to a new era of mobility » Huguette Bello, president of the Reunion Region Our applications, ViaPro and ViaFacil, have been in production at Reunion Island since October of last year. The objective is to manage real-time traffic information in order to enhance residents’ satisfaction and facilitate their transition […]

Sustainable urban mobility a major challenge for European cities !

Sustainable urban mobility has become a major challenge for major European cities, which seek to reduce air pollution, congestion and greenhouse gas emissions (decarbonisation). Beyond the climate impact, this pollution has a significant cost for cities and countries. Pollution associated with transport has an estimated cost of €1,276/year/inhabitant in Europe, with inhabitants with low purchasing […]

Multimodal disruptions management in Madrid

The City of Madrid launched in 2019 a very ambitious program, Roadmap to Climate Neutrality, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This Roadmap aims at reducing emissions in the city of Madrid by 65% by 2030, as compared to 1990, and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Mobility has a direct effect on the city’s air quality and noise […]